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Napa Valley Auction Lots

Founded in 1944, the Napa Valley Vintners is a voluntary regional trade group with an active membership of 550 wineries, representing a tradition of dedicated vintners and grape growers who work and care for this premier wine growing region.

"Fifty years ago, few recognized the name Napa Valley in world wine circles," said the late Robert Mondavi a few years ago. "Now the world looks at Napa Valley vintners as leaders in the world wine community." The vintners are community leaders who are also committed to supporting the well being of the local community, having given more than $180 million to nonprofit organizations, schools, hospitals just to name a few, since the inception of Auction Napa Valley, the organization's community fundraiser.

Today members of the Napa Valley Vintners focus on preserving Napa Valley as a viticultural and enological treasure; producing the highest quality wines; advocating on issues of interest to the Napa Valley wine industry; and marketing Napa Valley wines in the national and international market place. Seven decades later, vintners still meet regularly. Membership has grown tremendously.

Each Year Napa Valley Vintners hosts an invitation only wine futures auction for the wine traders at the Culinary Institute, Saint Helena, Napa. Each wine must be one of rarest quality crafted by the best wine masters in lots ranging from 5 to 20 cases maximum which allows the wine maker the opportunity to break away with tradition, to bend all the usual rules and to come up with something truly remarkable and unique. These rare wines are sold only to the highest bidders who then are able to offer to discerning consumers.

Pull the Cork and enjoy these rare, limited edition best of the best handcrafted wines of the world. Given proper cellaring, these wines will continue to age gracefully in your wine cellars for years to come.

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